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Mobile Technology is everywhere and your customers are surrounded with it. Who are your customers? are they return customers? and do you know what they are interested in? Don't you think its time you use this technology around you to your advantage and start giving the correct answers to these important business questions. . yWorld doesn't just use the latest technology, it invents it! only to give you the best chance of connecting with your customers. yWorld is the cloud based business operating system that handles everyhting from your webiste to email campaigns, point of sale to your very own App.


Got a smart phone?

More and more people are viewing the web on the move, PC's won't exist for much longer as tablets and phones keep improving. Over 80% of all website views are now on a smart phone or tablet. At yWorld, we can convert your existing website to a mobile ready site with ease.


Customer loyalty?

We can develop your very own apple or android App. yWorld Apps are unique as they let your customers become members and allow you to communicate with them more exclusively! Our Apps can also contain shopping, QR and barcode scanning as well as news feeds.


Selling online?

It is a must to have not only an online shop, but a mobile friendly one too! We can set delivery costs, track stock, issue vouchers, discounts and more.yWorld gives you your own branded store with no fees, sell $100 and make $100, no Paypal logos or out dated payment systems.


Who are your customers?

Segment your customers with labels and tags as well as keep notes while tracking their purchase history.yWorld lets you send information via mobile or email to specifice groups of customer backed up with reporting. All this with the peice of mind knowing the information you send wants to be received and read.


Not all websites are equal?

Not all technology is created equal, we are taking over more sites on becasue they were being hacked due to the open source nature of CMS tools like Joomla or Wordpress. So don't follow the herd, start your own with yWorld.

Tag it!

Customers in the real world

Imagine capturing a customer at the point of enjoying your product, and having them buy online at the same time. This is what the yWorld tag does and more via SMS and can take place within your very own App.


Know whats going on!

Notifications from signups to purchases, automated reporting and reminders, plus staff logins from anywhere! Even receive notifications while you are in your business about who has bought online, so you can put the stock aside safely!


It's everyhere!

Everyone talks about the cloud, it's really just a new word for the internet and to explain services that run completely on the internet, like us! No need to install software on PC's, just pick up your phone or tablet and work from anywhere!

Why us

Why not!

yWorld has operated locally out of Melbourne, serving clients for a number of years providing a range of digital services and solutions. Our commitment to our craft comes from a passion for technology, 21st century business and a love for marketing and communications.


All of our products work together using the yWorld system making your life and business simple to manage.


What our apps can do

  • Push notifications
  • Scan bracodes and QR codes
  • Post photos and updates


What our websites do

  • Shopping sites
  • Point of sale stock control
  • Mobile ready


What yWorld can do

  • Manage your customers
  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory


It takes a brave business to embrace technology and not shy away from it. Here are some of those brave customers!


From inventory to accounting, servers to cloud yWorld has the corporate experience to make your companies IT more efficient and cost effective.